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BD Oncology has developed a suite of oncology solutions to transform the entire oncology pathway, for prescription, preparation, and administration. By connecting and automating workflows you can minimise safety failures, unlock hidden capacity to treat more patients and help to protect healthcare workers.

Prescribing: With complex clinical decision processes and increasing amounts of individualised chemotherapy required for cancer patients. BD Cato™ Prescribe** reduces the risk of prescribing errors and supports effective treatment decisions. BD Cato™ Prescribe** has been shown to reduce the incidence of potentially clinically significant errors by 64%, compared to paper-based prescribing.1

Compounding: BD Cato™ Pharmacy reduces chemotherapy compounding errors and improves process efficiency. Barcode scanners, gravimetric verification and image capture are used to ensure correct drug preparation. With alerts and hard stops if errors are detected. 8% of dosage errors were detected by BD Cato™ Pharmacy and prevented from reaching the patient. These errors would not have been detected using traditional, volumetric compounding methods.2

The system provides clear, step-by-step instructions, guiding the user through the compounding process. BD Cato™ Pharmacy has been shown to reduce compounding time by 35%, it also doubled the output of compounded doses without an increase in staff levels.3

BD Cato™ reduces pharmacy drug expenditure since it optimises the use of the drugs and minimises errors. And in turn reduces pharmacy drug expenditure and to help ensure a safe working environment for staff, by using the closed system transfer device, BD PhaSeal™, you can reduce the risk of hazardous drug exposure during the compounding process.

Administration: BD oncology solutions can also be used to reduce errors and improve efficiency for nurses during the drug administration process. BD Cato™ ReadyMed helps to ensure the nurse gives the right drug to the right patient and, through the automatic documentation of drug administration, at the right time. BD Cato™ ReadyMed has been shown to save over three hours of nursing time daily in the hospital oncology day unit.4

BD BodyGuard™ Duo has two independent channels that provide concurrent flow capability, which can help to save nursing time. Using BD’s MicroBore™ sets has direct b enefits to the patient, by reducing the volume needed to flush the line before secondary administration. Cutting treatment time per patient by 30 to 40 minutes.5Connecting and automating workflows with paperless oncology solutions to help minimise safety failures, unlock hidden capacity and protect healthcare workers.

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