BD Oncology

How to reduce waste in Oncology

  • Compounding errors are often identified at the final verification stage by the pharmacist , rather than at the point they occur during the compounding process. As a result, the incorrectly prepared dose often has to be discarded and remade. This is wasteful of potentially expensive drugs, as well as being time consuming for both the compounder and the pharmacist.
  • Part-used vials from compounding are often discarded due to the lack of a safe and effective way to return them to inventory.

Automated* intravenous (IV) medication workflows can reduce waste

BD Cato™ is an automated* IV medication workflow using gravimetric technology that can be used for the preparation of oncology drugs. It provides step-by-step instructions to guide the user through the compounding process, and combined with barcode scanners, gravimetric scales and cameras, helps ensure the correct preparation of a drug.

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