BD Oncology

Measure and improve performance in oncology management

Improving productivity

BD Cato™ has a measurable impact that benefits patients, healthcare staff and senior managers/directors alike within oncology.

A study showed that by combining BD’s complete oncology pathway solutions, a saving of up to 39% of clinical time could be made.1 Another study showed that BD Cato™ saved 3 hours, 24 minutes of nursing time daily in a hospital oncology day unit2. Freeing up time allows staff to be redeployed to do other critical work and value-added tasks. Capacity is unlocked and you can treat more patients with the same resources.

Helping physicians prescribe more efficiently, accurately and safely

Typically, physicians are responsible for developing treatment plans for patients. These treatment plans often involve complex drug regimens, dose calculations, and the physician has to ensure individual dose and cumulative doses’ limits are not exceeded.

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