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Demand for chemotherapy is growing, with over four million new cancer patients in Europe each year1. The annual spend in Europe on cancer drugs is €32 billion and increasing fast2. Ensuring your organisation meets this growing demand for cancer care, whilst also facing additional pressures such as staff shortages and tightening budgets, can be a challenge.

Prescribing, compounding and administration processes within oncology are often disconnected. Manual processes and paper-based systems can result in poor flow of information and miscommunication. This can lead to medication errors, delays in treatment and poor patient outcomes. There is also a risk to healthcare workers from hazardous drug exposure.

All these elements could also lead to additional costs for organisations.

BD Oncology has developed a suite of oncology solutions that will transform the entire oncology pathway, for prescriptions, preparation, and administration. By connecting and automating workflows you can minimise safety failures, unlock hidden capacity to treat more cancer patients and help to protect healthcare workers.

A recent study concluded that the costs incurred from implementing closed system during the preparation and administration, with a gravimetric control, could be absorbed in the first year3.

With BD oncology solutions you can unlock capacity, capacity you may not realise you have, so you can use the same resources to treat more cancer patients, with fewer errors. And with visibility across the pathway, you can measure and improve your performance.

BD oncology solutions can help ensure that your oncology service is efficient, meets the demand of rising patient numbers and improves the safety of your patients.

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