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Streamlining the compounding process and helping to ensure patient safety

BD Cato™ is an integrated and automated* workflow solution that connects prescription, preparation, and administration.

Digitising the prescribing process

It starts when the oncologist prescribes chemotherapy medications as part of a standardised protocol, using BD Cato™ Prescribe**.

BD Cato™ Prescribe** allows them to align the prescription with the patient’s latest clinical results, and automatically informs the Oncologist if they prescribe a dosage outside of the recommended limits. The prescription is then sent electronically to Cato™ Pharmacy for verification by the Pharmacist.

Once verified, the pharmacy technician can begin the compounding process. Cato™ Pharmacy automatically prioritises the most urgent prescriptions, placing them at the top of the queue, and advises the user on the most efficient use of materials for the preparation.

Once in the laminar flow, BD Cato™ Pharmacy provides clear, step by step instructions to guide the technician through the compounding process. Barcode scanners, gravimetric scales and image capture, are all used to ensure the correct preparation of a drug, which informs the physician with hard stops if errors are detected. If an error is detected, the system instructs the user how to correct it and, only once corrected can they progress.

When compounding is completed, a unique label is printed for application to the final, prepared product.

If any unused drugs remain, an additional label can be printed, detailing the quantity remaining and expiry date. Allowing it to be returned to stock. This ensures comprehensive inventory management and minimises drug wastage. The pharmacist uses BD Cato™ Pharmacy and a barcode scanner to perform a final check and approve the preparation for use.

All stages of the compounding process are documented electronically and saved.

Adding extra layers of safety to the administration procedure

Finally, the Oncology nurse uses BD Cato™ ReadyMed to ensure they have the right drug for the right patient, at the right time, prior to the administration.

This prescription to administration system is fully scalable, whether you’re a small pharmacy or a large hospital network, you can take advantage of BD Cato™ to help ensure high levels of efficiency, patient safety and cost optimisation.

Unmistakably BD Oncology.

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* assisted step by step workflow with automated checks, hard stops and documentation

**BD Cato™ Prescribe (version 2.49 and higher) is a medical device and fulfils the requirements for CE marking of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and is marked with

CE Mark

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