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Streamlining your pharmacist role with software

As a pharmacist, the most important part of your job is ensuring all your patients get the right drug. However, you are constantly facing challenges due to the increasing demands for cytotoxic medication, tightening pressures on budgets, and staff shortages. Which can make achieving this more difficult.

Manual medication workflow processes are time consuming, and often cause medication errors, which can compromise your patient’s safety.

We looked closely at all the processes in the oncology patient pathway and saw the need for an innovative system. One that is efficient, safe and cost effective.

That’s why we created BD Cato™, a system focused on patient safety, that helps to ensure that all your patients get the right drug.

BD Cato™ is an integrated and automated* workflow solution that connects prescription, preparation and administration. It optimises communication between oncologists, pharmacists and nurses. Ensures workflow efficiency by streamlining the compounding process. Enhances patient safety by reducing errors along the patient care pathway. Reduces medication waste through effective inventory management which, in turn, saves money.

This prescription to administration system is fully scalable, whether you’re a small pharmacy or a large hospital network, you can take advantage of BD Cato™ to help ensure high levels of efficiency, patient safety and cost optimisation.

Unmistakably BD Oncology.

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* assisted step by step workflow with automated checks, hard stops and documentation

**BD Cato™ Prescribe (version 2.49 and higher) is a medical device and fulfils the requirements for CE marking of the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 and is marked with

CE Mark

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